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Our tinted lip+cheek balm is a perfect option for days when you feel chapped but still want to brighten up your complexion with some color. Our 100% Vegan balm is handcrafted with all-natural and certified organic ingredients that leave your lips soft and moisturized. The sheer red color is reminiscent of the way your lips look after eating beetroot. The tint gives you a nice glow and is suitable to wear any time of the day or night. The best formulas don't compromise on ingredients for the sake of a look.


+ Dry/Chapped Lips

+ Dull Lips


⊛ Infused with an irresistible blend of Abyssian and Peppermint oil that is known to contain an abundance of both Linoleic and Linolenic Acids, an Omega fatty acid, that is anti-inflammatory, cell-communicating, skin conditioning, and helpful with skin regeneration.

⊛ Filled with essential oils and vitamin E oil, together can bring TLC to your lips and improve their overall health.

⊛ A little balm goes a long way and with simple & natural ingredients that moisturize and protect, make this balm a must-have!


    Size: 0.5 ounce (27g)

    Tint Color- Glossy Medium Red Tint.

    Skin type: All Skin types.

    Directions: Pour 4-6 cups of boiling water into a large bowl and add 3-4 Tbsp. of the herbal mixture. Cover the head with a towel and position your face over the bowl, using the towel to hold the steam. With your eyes closed and face 8-10 inches away from the hot water, breathe in the herbal goodness for 15-20 minutes. Take open-air breaks if needed. Use 2-3 times a week.

    Caution: The water will be very hot. Make sure the bowl of hot water is on a level, sturdy surface, and can’t be knocked over. Don’t shake or lean on the bowl. Keep the bowl of hot water out of reach of children or pets. For external use only. For chronic illness, please consult a physician before use.


    *Candelilla Wax, *Shea Butter, *Cocoa Butter, *Vitamin E, *Beta vulgaris (Beetroot) extract, *Rubus Idaeus (Raspberry) Fruit Extract, *Prunus Serotina (Cherry) Extract, Silicate mineral, *Coconut oil, *Olive Oil, *Avocado Oil, *Almond Oil, *Abyssian Oil, and *Peppermint Essential Oil.

    *Certified Organic/Wildcrafted


    Place outer biodegradable packaging into compost bins.

    Gently peel the thin liner from the cap and dispose of it. Then, remove the label, clean the cap and recycle.

    Rinse the aluminium tin thoroughly, and recycle.

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    Clean & Sustainable

    We pledge

    Saanvi Botanicals products are handcrafted in the USA with the best globally sourced sustainable ingredients. They are all-natural, organic, 100% Vegan, and not tested on animals. They are free of sulfates, phthalates, parabens, petrochemicals, mineral oil, silicone, and talc; also free of artificial ingredients, fillers, alcohol, and artificial colors.